The Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are the clear solution for a better smile.

  • Ideal for kids, teens and adults

  • No wires or brackets to poke or scratch

  • Gentle on cheeks, lips, and gums

  • Uses 3D scan to create a model instead of goopy molds

  • Smooth, clear plastic material that fits comfortably

  • Virtually invisable

  • Removable for meals and cleaning

  • Safer for athletes and active individuals

  • Fewer office visits with Dental Monitoring

  • 100% customized treatment

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Orthodontics for Children

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that as a general rule of thumb your child should be evaluated by an orthodontist between the ages of 7-8 years old. While this may seem early, problems like jaw alignment and crowding can be identified and prevented rather than fixed later on.

Dr. Frank Egan

Board Certified Orthodontist

  • Board certifed orthodontist Dr. Frank Egan will talk with you about your smile and your bite

  • We will take photos of your teeth and smile

  • We will make a 3D model of your teeth

  • If necessary we will take an x-ray

  • Dr. Egan will talk with you about a plan to achieve your goals

  • We will discuss financial arrangements

  • We will answer any questions you might have about treatment or finances

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